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Meet our Qoom Creator: Alyzee Sosa
Meet Alyzee 👋 , a junior at Downtown Magnets High School! Alyzee has participated in two cohorts of the Qoom Creator Program. A project she really enjoyed working on was her Time Zone Converter, because it gave her insight into working with Javascript libraries like moment.js.
Meet our Qoom Creator: Interview with Grant Cheng
Meet Grant 👋 , a senior at Gunn High School! As a part of Qoom's Creator Group, he is building a PDF editor that allows you to add text to a PDF, download it, and email it to yourself or others. Currently, he is working on adding more features such as full drawing capabilities and a signature feature.
Interview with Generate STEAMinds, Winners of the TecHacks Hackathon
The TecHacks Hackathon is aimed at bridging the the gender gap by enabling female students to find passion in computer science and problem solving. I was able to reach out to Carissa Tang from the Generate STEAMinds team, for an email interview. Generate STEAMinds was a winner of the Qoom Challenge portion of the hackathon. The team consists of four members from around the world: Alyzee Soza and Amy Palm, rising juniors from SoCal; Andrea Gonzales, a college student from the Philippines; Carissa Tang, a rising senior from Toronto, Canada.
Interview with iTest, Winners of the TecHacks Hackathon
Through an email interview, I was able to ask Jolina, Carmel, and Lorina, who created iTest, some questions about their hackathon experience. The team was able to win the Qoom challenge portion of the hackathon amongst fierce competition.
The Best Way to Learn Coding: Building Your Own Project
These days it seems like coding has become an essential skill. Everyone is looking to pick up coding skills and the internet is scattered with all kinds of resources. Resources range from coding courses, to bootcamps to coding tutorials, and it's normal to feel overwhelmed. I'm here to help guide you through a couple of these resources so you can be on your way to developing your own ideas!
How Qoom Helped Me On My Entrepreneurial Endeavor
Ontrack is a parental control application I built that helps parents monitor their kids while they're studying. I had already previously created a chrome extension that allows students to self study. With the coronavirus pandemic that started a few months ago, however, I decided to build a parental control application so that parents would be able to monitor kids studying at home.
Easy. Fast. Simple: Creating a Static Website
I've always been interested in creating my own website but have been intimiated by the long difficult process. However, I have found the solution with Qoom. Compared with other services that require 5+ steps of confusing installations and publishing, setting up a static website with Qoom is extremely simple.
How I Created My Portfolio Website with Qoom
I want to share my experience of creating my very own portfolio website, using the QOOM software. First, I am a rising high school junior and although I previously had some experience with Java, I always wanted to create my own website like others. I wanted a platform where I could share my coding projects.