All-in-One Coding Suite for Students

No need to manage multiple services and installations. Just focus on turning your ideas into reality.

Own Your Personal Web Server

Every account comes with a personalized domain name allowing you to create apps without any of our corporate branding.

Collaborate to Build Apps Anywhere

Write codes together with your teammates on the go.
You only need a browser and internet connection.


Qoom Helps Students Succeed


Create Real Apps

Create games, art, music, and more using Qoom's AI, robotics, VR, and web-based tools. Qoom's open source UI controls versions without git, manages files without terminal command, and more!


Share Your Creations

Your domain name is a portal to your own creative space. Make works that have an impact on others without any corporate branding in the way.


Promote Yourself

Fully control your published creations on a personal web server. Highlight accomplishments to your own community, judges of competitions, gate-keepers at a higher education institution, or interviewers as you get a great start on your career.

One Stop Workshop for Coding

Create, develop, collaborate, present and share your creations in one place

No Hassle of Installation

We integrate disparate technology and infrastructure. You don't need to manage different services.


Single Development Environment

You can build web, AI, VR, robotics, and IoT apps in one code editor. You don't need to learn new tools.


Build Your Digital Portfolio

You will get your personal domain name. Build up your coding portfolio. Your creations are all yours.


Share and Remix Projects

Improve your skills by remixing projects from others. Your peers can build off of your creations and see how you built your creations off of others.

Over 300 Students have Created More than 4000 Projects

On Track

AI-powered productivity tool. Chrome extention. Winner of Lean Gap Competition.

Cookie Clicker

Student recreated their favorite game and made it more fun than the original.

Civil War

Social studies project. Used html/css instead of Google Docs.


5th student applied her own artistic style on a classic generative art project.

Who Needs Qoom


who wants to practice coding skills and play with ideas


that needs to build apps faster collaboratively and to attend competitions


who wants to focus on teaching fundamentals, not installation


that wants to have curriculum for state-of-the-art technologies


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